The Ultimate Guide to Defeating the Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Final Boss

The Ultimate Guide to Defeating the Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Final Boss

Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge in Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass? The final boss battle awaits, and it’s a test of skill, strategy, and teamwork. As Guardians, it’s our destiny to conquer the toughest foes, and the Vault of Glass final boss is no exception. Get ready to dive into the heart of the Vex stronghold and face off against the ultimate adversary. It’s time to prove your worth and emerge victorious in this epic showdown.


  • Challenging gameplay that requires teamwork and coordination
  • Exciting rewards for successfully defeating the final boss
  • Engaging storyline and lore tied to the final boss encounter
  • Opportunity to showcase individual skill and mastery of game mechanics


  • Time-consuming: The final boss in Destiny 2 Vault of Glass raid can be a time-consuming encounter, requiring coordination and precision from the fireteam, which can be a disadvantage for players with limited time to invest in the game.
  • High difficulty: The final boss encounter in Destiny 2 Vault of Glass raid can be very challenging, requiring a high level of skill and teamwork to overcome. This can be a disadvantage for players who are looking for a more casual and accessible gaming experience.

Who is the final boss in VOG?

In the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny, the ultimate adversary that players must face off against is none other than Atheon, Time’s Conflux. This formidable boss presents a challenging and thrilling final battle, requiring teamwork, strategy, and precision to emerge victorious. With its time-bending abilities and imposing presence, Atheon is a fitting conclusion to the intense journey through the Vault of Glass.

As Guardians venture deeper into the Vault of Glass, they will ultimately come face to face with the powerful Atheon, Time’s Conflux. This iconic boss encounter demands skill, coordination, and quick thinking as players navigate the complex mechanics and formidable threats posed by Atheon. Overcoming this final challenge is a true test of a fireteam’s abilities, making the victory all the more satisfying and rewarding.

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How can Aethon be defeated?

To beat Aethon, players should strategically jump up to the left or right while staying in view of their team. This allows teammates to easily break you out when the countdown finishes, enabling everyone to continue doing damage to Atheon until he becomes immune. Repeat this process until enough damage has been done to make Atheon go down and claim victory. By working together and staying coordinated, players can effectively defeat Aethon and seize his throne.

In the battle against Aethon, the key to success lies in coordinated teamwork and strategic positioning. Players should jump to the left or right, ensuring that they remain visible to their team so they can be freed when the countdown ends. This allows for continuous damage to be inflicted on Aethon until he becomes immune, at which point the process should be repeated. With persistence and coordination, players can ultimately bring down Aethon and claim his throne, emerging victorious in the challenging battle.

What is the reward for defeating master VOG?

For those who conquer Master Vault of Glass, the rewards are certainly worth the challenge. By successfully navigating all the encounters on Master difficulty, players will earn armor with boosted stats that align with the weekly rotation. This added incentive provides a tangible benefit for those who are up for the ultimate test of skill and strategy. Additionally, triumphing over the Master mode will also unlock the prestigious title of Master Glasser and an Exotic ship called Vaultstrider, marking your accomplishment for all to see.

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The allure of besting Master Vault of Glass lies not only in the satisfaction of overcoming its toughest trials, but also in the valuable rewards that await triumphant guardians. In addition to the sense of accomplishment, players will receive armor with increased stats that reflect the weekly rotation, ensuring that their efforts are duly rewarded. Furthermore, the coveted title of Master Glasser and the exclusive Exotic ship, Vaultstrider, will serve as symbols of your mastery over this legendary challenge.

The ultimate prize for conquering Master Vault of Glass awaits those who are willing to take on its formidable trials. Earning armor with enhanced stats tied to the weekly rotation serves as a tangible benefit for those who emerge victorious from the Master difficulty. Furthermore, the prestigious title of Master Glasser and the Exotic ship Vaultstrider await those who prove their skill and determination in this pinnacle of Destiny 2 challenges.

Master the Mechanics: Strategies for Conquering the Vault of Glass Final Boss

Are you ready to conquer the Vault of Glass final boss once and for all? Master the mechanics with these strategies to ensure your victory. From coordinating team movements to effectively using your arsenal, these tips will help you navigate through the challenges and emerge triumphant. With a clear understanding of the mechanics and a well-executed strategy, you’ll be well on your way to claiming victory in the Vault of Glass.

Unleash Your Power: Tips and Tricks for Crushing the Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Final Boss

Are you ready to unleash your power and dominate the Destiny 2 Vault of Glass final boss? Look no further, because we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to crush the competition. From mastering the mechanics of the encounter to optimizing your loadout, our expert advice will help you conquer the Vault of Glass and emerge victorious. With these strategies in your arsenal, you’ll be unstoppable in the face of the final boss’s challenges. So gear up, rally your fireteam, and get ready to show the Vault of Glass who’s boss.

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In conclusion, the final boss encounter in Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass raid is a thrilling and challenging experience that tests the skills and teamwork of players. With its intricate mechanics and epic scale, it truly captures the essence of what makes Destiny 2 such a beloved game. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, facing off against Atheon is a moment that will surely leave a lasting impression. So gear up, rally your fireteam, and take on the challenge of the Vault of Glass final boss for an unforgettable gaming experience.